Precision Horse Riding

Take your riding abilities to the Next Level!

We're excited to announce that we've received shipment of our Racewood Riding Simulator! It's one of only 4 interactive horse riding eventing simulators in the United States - the only one west of Tennessee. We're busy getting the system set up and tested so subscribe to our mailing list for the latest updates on when we debut the system and for scheduling riding lessons.

The Racewood system is a fantastic riding simulator for those that would benefit from the mechanical movement of a simulator and allows the trainer to work closely with the rider enabling them to gain confidence and develop their skills. The interactive options allow for a more immersive riding experience.

Racewood has driven the development of new simulator designs that use the latest technologies. Simulators are increasingly becoming more interactive to the extent that riding subtleties that were once almost impossible to recreate, are now becoming standard features. They work hard to sync available technology with the simulator, so that a vast array of information can be captured and feedback to the instructor or rider, such as balance or rein contact. Current users find this level of analysis invaluable and obviously much easier to obtain when using a simulator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why use a simulator?
A: Racewood machines will allow novice riders to learn and more experienced riders to continue to improve on specific aspects of their riding, honing their skills. Racewood has supplied simulators into most of the top Race schools around the world and to many prestigious equine colleges, as well as to individual instructors and trainers like River Falls Equestrian Center.

Q: Are they realistic and what what can I learn?
A: Racewood has over 25 years of experience behind them when it comes to producing a machine that replicates an equine movement. Their machines are very realistic as they we have utilized motion analysis technology as well as thousands of hours of testing with experienced riders (professional jockeys, GP level dressage riders etc.)

Q: How is it controlled?
A: Racewood simulators can be controlled by the rider or an instructor. Their interactive simulators are designed to be ridden like a real horse using leg aids and reins. Motorized simulators will have controls positioned on the side of the body-shell and some models have a separate handheld controller.

Q: Are the simulators safe?
A: Used correctly simulators are safer than real horses (they don't have minds of their own) - they are very well behaved!

Q: What is the size of the Simulator?
A: As a guide their general Riding Simulators (including Dressage) would be classed as a 15 hands horse; the Dressage Simulator will measure just under 1.9m to the ears and 2.5m from the rear of the horse to the TV bracket. 

Q: What tack is on the Simulator?
A: We provide a dressage saddle, jump saddle and western saddle for you to ride RF Maximus.  If you would like to bring your own you are more than welcome.